Touched by the sun

DSCN6406.jpgThe Gilbert’s dragon is known as the “ta ta” lizard and found in the hot Kimberley region, about 2000 km north of Perth.  They run across hot surfaces, pausing to lift one leg off the ground and wave to cool it. before doing the same with the other.  When not running and waving, they are still and bask in the sun.DSCN6401.jpgThe Welcome Swallows in Bunbury love the sun.  In the mornings, they seem to prefer to do this than fly.DSCN5454.jpgThen in Merredin, there’s the Magpie Lark, with the best vantage point in the gum tree to catch first light.DSCN6683.jpgThe young Pink Galah does not bask in anyone’s glory but its own as it gazes down at me at home.DSCN7643.jpgThere are honeymooners, basking in love, who race to kiss in dawn light, at Entrance Point, Broome.DSCN8203.jpgWhile this backpacker threw caution to the wind at Wyalup Rocky Point in Bunbury as she watched the sun go down alone.DSCN7520.jpgMuch like her I enjoyed my solitude at Cable Beach, Broome.thumb_IMG_3564_1024.jpgWhere I found, one heart warmed by sunshine, is better than an entwined pair scorched by rue.

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a dawn bird








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