A change is as good as a holiday

The major home renovations are over.  The dust is settling and now to the next phase of painting and window treatments, as well as culling old stuff.  With this in mind I planned to have December and January off, so my schedule for November is pretty full.  But my plans were scuttled.  I was asked to do another round of visits in regional areas in December.  My knees and heart sagged at the request.  With a crowded November and now a busy December, I’m seriously thinking Christmas will have to be on a calendar date of my choice.

Because I visit most of this large State regularly, the thought of going north seemed to be a change as good as a holiday.  It is not the best time to be visiting.  It was in the low forties (centigrade) in early October.  The temperature remains that high this week.  The tourist season is over.  The good thing is that the prices come down but the hospitality industry slows down too.  The Kimberley region will be preparing for the wet season.  I’m probably too early for the oppressive ‘build up’ that creates humid conditions, but it will be extremely hot.

Being self employed means I’m constantly working to deadlines dictated by others. A couple of years ago I started to organise my regional visits around the holidays I planned for myself.  It seemed to work well and allowed me time to indulge in things that matter most to me.  I now value the concept of a short break.  I see it as a moment to catch one’s breath.

On the Qantas flight back from Kalgoorlie I read an article on ‘forest bathing’, a nature based therapy practiced originally in Japan and taking off in New York.  It really appeals to me and something I have experienced while bush walking, without knowing it was a therapy.  I also know there are other ways to engage in a therapeutic experience.

DSCN6054My visit north will not be green.  It will be encased in the fine red dust of the Kimberley.

The visit will not be as relaxing as I would like it to be.  There will be geckos seeking shelter in my cool hotel room.  They will keep me awake.  I know this for sure!   DSCN8594.jpgI’m not scared of spiders at all, but I am of reptiles.DSCN7758.jpgAnd (sensibly) scared of crocodiles.

I expect to encounter all of these during my trip, because of the remoteness of where I’m going.  I also know I will still find beautiful meditative moments in the few days I’m there.  DSCN8108.jpgAcross the road from my hotel in Kununurra, my first stop, will be Celebrity Tree Park and Lily Creek Lagoon where I walk early morning, camera in hand.  I love that this major highway is like a suburban side road.DSCN8257There will be dragon flies with net wings teaching me to balance.DSCN8436.jpgIn groves of ancient boab trees, I’ll find a mother’s embrace, long overdue.DSCN8576.jpgDespite the heat, I’m hoping there are lily filled billabongs, like ones I’ve seen before.DSCN9603.jpgAnd migratory birds who are still calling the Kimberley home, before they fly.

Will the next few days be an escape from the ordinary?  Knowing where I’m going, despite the discomfort of heat and reptiles, I know it will be.

I’ve worked hard for the past few years because of the extra expense of renovations.  Having achieved my goals, I’m looking forward to slowing the pace next year.  In the mean time, a short break will have to a holiday.

I guess the take home message to myself today is, when limited by choice, make the best of what you’ve got.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird









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