A summer garden

thumb_IMG_0521_1024.jpgSummer, in my frosted garden.

When in bloom, the jasmine rains steadily.  The perfume is almost overwhelming.  The bees and I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve grown to love this garden.  The previous owner was a florist.  She knew what to plant and where.  I lost the honeysuckle vine in the storm, but glad the jasmine survived winter’s wrath.

I’m slowly adapting to this space.  It is special for many reasons, but the most important one being, it is home to me.

Until next time

a dawn bird




17 thoughts on “A summer garden”

    1. It is definitely overwhelming when there is a carpet of white. Best enjoyed in wafts! My gardener comes in Tuesday to start clearing before I get it going. Have to get something planted before May when my son gets married.

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      1. It’s gearing up to be for sure. The young couple are pretty chilled, sometimes too chilled, and that makes me anxious! They are getting married at the zoo. We’ll have the roar of lions!

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  1. I have yet to plant Jasmine in our new home, but we have Honeysuckle – when the place was renovated we struck a few of the existing plants for the new garden. Just love Jasmine, that smell.

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