Badgingarra way …

I’m home after completing a 500 km round trip in summer hot weather.  I left early this morning hoping to avoid the heat but got lost along the way and spent 40 minutes trying to establish phone contact with the person I was going to see.  I wish I was advised in advance the road was unsealed for part of the way!  The journey took an hour longer than I expected.  This is not country you want to get lost in.

Around 20 years ago a young girl went hitch hiking from her farm to a friend’s farm in these parts.  She is everyone’s child.  She was never found again.  The accused is in prison.  He was taken on a walk of his alleged alibi by police some years ago.  He walked the streets of Moora where I work sometimes.  It always gives me chills when I walk through the town.DSCN8535.jpgI took this from inside the car and just noticed the dirty windscreen!  I drove under the shadow of wedge tailed eagles.  I was hoping I would see some roadside so I could take a picture.  They are magnificent birds in flight and on ground.  I was out of luck, this time.DSCN8530.jpgThis is some 40 kms north of Badgingarra.  The countryside was so beautiful.  Some green and a lot of it, the beige of Wheatbelt land.DSCN8531.jpg
Along the way I stopped for a moment to get a drink of water from the boot when I noticed a white eruption in the distance.  I zoomed in.  It was so far away I still could not discern what it was.DSCN8533.jpg
Until there was almost a paddock full of these moving white objects.  They came towards me like an avalanche.DSCN8534.jpgIt’s only when they got closer that I realised they were sheep.  Poor animals probably thought I had feed and came running towards the car.  I would have loved to have stayed with them longer but it didn’t feel right to tantalize them, so I left.

I’m thrilled I made this journey today.  I’ve never driven on the Brand Highway on my own.  I hope to get more work in this area in spring.  The wildflowers must be amazing here.  There were kilometres of groves of banksia trees with peachy white cones.

Time for me to catch a few minutes before I start packing for Kalgoorlie tomorrow.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



9 thoughts on “Badgingarra way …”

      1. No, my parents migrated when I was 7, and we lived in the city south of the river. When we married, we went to the farm outside of Northam, so the Avon Valley was a stomping ground, and holidays were either southwest or great southern. Then when we sold most of the farm and I changed my vocation, we went back to the city, then out to Merredin, Keller, Trayning, Koorda, Beacon, Mucka, Sthn Cross, Narambeen, Bruce Rock, and later was swinging around Eucla, Norseman, Esperance, Lake King. But some team meetings were at New Norcia, Dalwallinu or Wongan,so I’d take every possible scenic route from wherever I was at the time. There’re a lot more places I went of course, it was one of the best times of my life out there. Lyn also had relatives across every farming district, so we got around a lot. Goodness, a bit of a long reply, but I enjoyed the question.

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      2. Wow! What an interesting personal journey. Would you believe I visit or have visited the same places for work on a regular basis for the past 10 years or more! I can now see why my pictures evoke memories for you. Only the familiar would know the abbreviations for Keller and Mucka! I love the drive coming from Merredin towards Irishtown and Northam. Thank you for taking the time to write. I enjoyed reading your response!


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