Just swipe right


I am a mother
Always will be, unconditionally
Barefooted, I am not tall
And I am no longer as slim as I used to be
I am ordinary
with a generous, forgiving heart
I am softly spoken
You will have to lean in
To hear me in a crowd
I am shy but adventurous
You’ll find my footprints, often a single set,
along the ruffled coast from north to south
You’ll never hear me cry
because there are parts to me, off limits
I believe pain cuts deep
And the scar is visible in what we say and do
So I have a good listening ear and soothing hand
when you need someone to comfort you
My skin is nut brown
and it may surprise you, I tan easily in summer,
and where untouched by sun
I glow in the dark
Where touched, too
I can be abrupt, impatient, untidy
I suffer from road rage in the city
on country roads, I dream
I am organised, thoughtful, kind
I am independent, fiercely independent
You’ll have to put up with that
I love books
If you’re rich, I’ll pass on the diamonds
just buy me a library
or a publishing firm, too, will do
I love conversations
When together, I expect the mobile to be out of reach
I believe equality is not ‘sameness’
Equality acknowledges differences
And we work towards a level playing field for all
My chosen lifestyle is not conventional
and faith guides my path each day
I choose not to live with people’s pain
it’s not that I don’t care
but through the lens of their reality
I seek the preciousness of life given to me
I live to experience life, not live it day by day
I am busy, way too busy
it has made me lazy
I no longer look for love
But if you do
find me.

a dawn bird

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