8 thoughts on “The Invitation”

      1. They certainly are, I used to keep bees, it was a delightful time in my life, though I am more in favour of native bees these days. But all bees are gentle souls. 🙂

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      2. Nothing like real honey. I was once driving through Cape Le Grand National Park and stopped to take pics. In the distance I saw a black cloud approaching. Didn’t give it much attention and once I was ready to move on, put the window up to drive away when the cloud engulfed my car. It was a swarm of bees! It was a lucky escape! lol

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      3. Yes, that is quite dangerous, at that point it is one of their defensive moments and they will assume danger so will attack. I had a similar experience gathering roadside mulch in Boyup Brook and had to run for it.

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      4. Wow!
        I’m more aware of my circumstances now …
        Unlike the time when walking along Waikiki Beach at midnight and being approached by drug peddlars who I thought were just friendly locals… oh the stories of my misspent youth!

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