Always the pupil …

I was early so I waited at the designated spot to watch her arrive.  When she does, our greeting is hushed.  She has come from a distant shore. We are both indifferent to where that is.  She is here and that’s all that matters to me, and her. DSCN8063.jpg
She scatters gifts at my feet.DSCN8255.jpg
I walk alongside her.  Her generosity knows no bounds.DSCN8290.jpg
Soon I’m walking on a welcome carpet.
DSCN8336I am alone with seagulls, and pelican.  The pelican reads the tides like a book, scanning it from left to right.  I enjoy a moment of stillness, watching him, watching tides.DSCN8262.jpg
At her side I am learning.  Look for small things.  They bring joy.DSCN8366.jpg
I bend down and start collecting the smallest shells and pebbles I can find, some the size of rice.  At home I bring out a small glass jar, and despite the handfuls I collected, they barely fill an inch.   The jar is hope and the void is one I will fill, one day.DSCN8319.jpg
Lost in thought, I find joy in symmetry.DSCN8313.jpg
I look for pebbles that have melded and find them, marble like.  How long did this process take?  I will never know.  I’m loving the mystery she brings to me.DSCN8267.jpgI find hearts of stone in softest sand and hold them in my hand.  They beat, alive.DSCN8380.jpg
I’m so tempted to run my fingers through this landscape, but leave it like I found it.  And, that’s the lesson I learnt that morning.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


In response to RDP – Tuesday : Pupil

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