Against all odds …

thumb_IMG_5528_1024.jpgIt’s the start of the new financial year.  Contracts are signed.  It’s business as usual.  In the last week or so I’ve been to Exmouth, driven twice to Coorow and Carnamah in the Wheatbelt and now headed to Esperance.  I’m feeling the aftermath of it all travelling between balmy days and freezing cold nights in various regions.  It has also been a big six months with my son’s wedding, Dr T’s major surgery and his recovery that did not go as planned.  Supporting my family through all this has been an unspoken stress and I had time last night to reflect on this.

They say faith defies logic. My path in life defies logic. It came about when I surrendered and accepted a Greater Plan for my life. The simple prayer “all is well” has brought me immense peace. I have the freedom to work as I please. Love without expectations. Accept with respect what is meant to be, will be. I am where I need to be in my life. And, where I need to be, in the life of others.

I was restless last night and in pain.  Mended bones have long memories.  I’m off today again and things to do before I leave.  I distracted myself last night by making a list of priorities.  I know I can’t get everything completed, but I can meet some deadlines.  Today I found a poem that I came across about five years ago.  I love the child like simplicity expressed in it.  Right now I feel what a poem says and thought I’d share it.

God’s Flight (by Heather Flood)
On the ground sits a bird
that’s too afraid to fly
Beautiful wings could make it soar
but the pain of past failure is it’s lonesome cry.
God has said unto this bird,
“Trust and have faith in me,
for I will carry you in your flight
The miracle of life is waiting for you to see.”
The bird said to God, “But I can’t fly.
I am weak. I will fall and feel pain
It’s happened before when I tried to fly
I’m afraid of being hurt again.”
His voice soft and reassuring, God said to the bird,
I created you, and I will protect you
Your lonesome cry I have heard
Have faith in me. That’s all you need to do.
So, stand up, bird, and spread your wings
The wings I lovingly created to let you fly
If you fail I’ll pick you up
and lift you back into the sky.
With trembling legs and unsure wings
the bird finally looked to the sky
It took a deep breath, and took the chance.
The bird began to fly.
“Thank you, God, for believing in me,
Thank you for giving me wings.
Thank you for your protecting hands.
Your glory I will now sing.”
God smiled unto the bird
in its majestic flight
“Little bird, I’ll always be with you,
and will protect you with all my might.
You may stumble. You may fall.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t care.
I will watch over you, in case you need help,
and then I’ll be right there.”
The little bird, once so scared,
learned to soar to new heights.
The occasional fall no longer scared the bird,
choosing to have faith in God’s flight.

Today, against the stiffest of winds, I fly. My wish for you today, is that you do too.

As always

a dawn bird

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