This jolly life …

One morning while walking on the beach in Exmouth I found the things that make me happy and I knew I will spend the rest of my life seeking them.

I realised …

Curiosity makes me happy.  As does a feeling of hope.  Finding a happy place within, unexpectedly, is a special feeling of joy.  Stillness makes me happy.  Silence makes me happy, so does solitude.  And, the oneness that comes from real connection, even if transient.  All these things are free and found within.  I spent too many years, window shopping.  Now I wander in and take whatever I please.DSCN7686.jpg
The variation in shades of blue makes my heart beat faster.  I had never stopped to observe this before.  I do now.DSCN7711.jpg
The crumbs of seashells underfoot that coat my bare feet make me smile.  This was just a sandy beach once.  Not any more.  I had no idea sand looks like this up close.DSCN7772.jpg
The humble feather that glitters in dawn light catches my eye.  It never did before.DSCN7808.jpg
My child like curiosity is piqued peering into these wonderfully perfect ‘windows’.DSCN7829.jpg
The scoop of sand left by tide.  A reminder always, life is finite.DSCN7852.jpg
I find life, in unexpected places.  From it, I learn poise.DSCN7940
I find love, too, in unexpected places.

Why wouldn’t I spend the rest of my life doing just what I am doing now?

Hope you are doing exactly what you were meant to do in life.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Jolly

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