Not yet jaded …

In a world of information overload, it would be a challenge not to feel everything is ho hum.  But I realised some years ago, to find balance I need to be outdoors, away from books, away from work and just be.  Nothing else.  Just be.  The experience is like no other.  For me every minute outdoors feels like I’m an hour glass with sand trickling down in a steady stream.  When it pools, my head is clear.  My spirit is full.  I’m recharged and ready to go.

Even though I often visit the same towns several times in a year, and may photograph the same landscape, flora and fauna, there is always something new for me to see.  DSCN7297.jpg
Swamp hen, Bunbury wetlands, Western Australia
I have dozens of photographs of swamp hens.  I love their peacock colouring (but they do emit an awful strangled screech).  In some wetlands they can be shy and move out of sight quickly.  They have enormous feet and I was surprised to see this one eat with such delicacy.  Pretty clever!DSCN7408.jpg
Lake Lefroy, Kambalda West, Western Australia
Lake Lefroy is an ephemeral salt lake in Kambalda (Goldfields region of Western Australia).  I’ve been here a couple of times and the hues are different each time.  On the day I took this pic, the lake was like a painting.DSCN9579.jpg
New Holland Honeyeater, Bunbury wetlands, Western Australia
I love photographing New Holland honeyeaters.  They are striking looking birds.  I particularly love getting a picture of their tiny tongue that protrudes when feeding.DSCN9608.jpg
Silvereye, Bunbury wetlands, Western Australia
Needless to say, the tiny, tiny silvereye is a special joy.  They move in flocks but I’ve rarely found one seated side by side.  They are quick and drive me insane trying to get a good picture.  This one took me by surprise!DSCN9628.jpg
Bunbury, Western Australia
Along any coast in Western Australia you’ll see people dedicated to their hobby.  From afar, so am I.  Nothing new to see but if you photograph people fishing, you’ll find, each picture tells a different story.DSCN9730.jpg
Walk along any track in the bush or suburban garden, the Willy Wagtail is the first to greet.  I love this picture.  He looks all shiny and newly minted.  DSCN9783.jpg
Walking along the beach has its moments of calm.  Waves are soothing but every now and then, I catch a wave that is different.  It makes me stop, look and listen.  It makes everything old, new again.  That’s what life is all about.

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As always

a dawn bird

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2 thoughts on “Not yet jaded …”

  1. Another enjoyable post and lovely photos, Dawn. I was surprised to see that the Swamp Hen has what looks to be an opposable thumb! Are the Silvereye and New Holland honeyeaters native? I’ve seen similar in a South African post.

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    1. I didn’t quite see it do this but when I was looking at my pics, was certainly surprised at what I photographed! I think silver eye is native to these parts. I’m not sure about the New Holland honeyeater. The name suggest it to me, but I could be wrong!


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