One cannot help but watch in alarm the politics of the day around the world as the perceived security of ‘democracy’, is split wide open.  The world, it would seem, is becoming more divisive by the hour.

Splitting exposes the core.  One can either perceive it as being rotten or within it we can find the seeds for change.

I find it interesting the politics of some nations is focused on a few bombastic individuals whereas the politics of change in another is ‘people power’ driven by youth.  The latter gives me hope.

May peace and hope reign in your part of the world today.  Be the seeds for, and, of change.

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a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Wednesday: Schism

7 thoughts on “Seeds”

  1. Wonderfully well thought out and written post. It has me thinking about the seeds within fruit–sometimes when I cut it open, the seeds are rotten, full of mold; other times they’re beautiful, fragrant.

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