One cannot help but watch in alarm the politics of the day around the world as the perceived security of ‘democracy’, is split wide open.  The world, it would seem, is becoming more divisive by the hour.

Splitting exposes the core.  One can either perceive it as being rotten or within it we can find the seeds for change.

I find it interesting the politics of some nations is focused on a few bombastic individuals whereas the politics of change in another is ‘people power’ driven by youth.  The latter gives me hope.

May peace and hope reign in your part of the world today.  Be the seeds for, and, of change.

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As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Wednesday: Schism

It comes from within …


Despite the frenetic lifestyle, I enjoy moments of peace on a daily basis.  I build these into my day, moments that nurture my spirit and soul.  Being of faith, my instinct is to set aside time to spend in prayer, a communion, a connection, to my Maker.  I don’t ask for anything or express thanks.  I am quiet with a heightened awareness, I am not alone.  It is time when I need to listen, so silence is important.

I listen with attentiveness with all my senses on alert.  It may be to the sound of waves crashing, the crunch of my boots on twigs, the click of my camera, the bounce of the kangaroo in the bush.  I no longer yearn for experiences out of reach.  With camera in hand and laptop before me, I am me no matter where I am.  The authentic me.  In that knowledge, is peace.

I learned years ago there are some experiences I will never experience.  And, I felt the bite of unfairness on more than one occasion.  It took years for me to realise.  Peace comes from within.  If we seek to make peace, we are at peace.  It is a place of rest and recovery.  It is a space where all else falls away, and within that nothingness, is a fullness of spirit that takes up all the space.

So I accept, some things are never meant to be for me.  I may not have found that elusive ‘something special’ that others acquire so effortlessly.  But I have the capacity to experience joy.  And, I make it my mission to seek it every day.

I’m leaving next week headed to the north.  I’m looking forward to wearing less clothes and walking along the beach.  Maybe find a heart again.  Or maybe even someone who wants mine.

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As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge : Nurture

In response to RDP – Saturday: Peace

Pink, the colour of hope


Today I stepped into a rabbit hole
falling head first with a silent scream
I landed in a world of chaos
and waded through a pool of hate
as I searched for meaning
in the mire of arrogant righteousness
in the darkest recess of a garden
where nothing else grew
I found a pink rosebud
so I offer this symbol of hope
in solidarity, from me to you.

Dedicated to our neighbours in New Zealand who have lost loved ones and their innocence.  May you live in peace and safety again.

a dawn bird

Till death do us part

via Daily Prompt: Betrayed

I’ve been reflecting on the word ‘betrayed’ overnight.  Initially, I thought it was the perfect word to vent but this morning I waited patiently for dawn before writing.  It arrived as expected, in the sky, and in me.

There’s a predictability to life around me when I’m home.  The currawongs, the kookaburras, the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of larger birds above as they fly to the lake.  The excited screeching rainbow lorikeets, flying this way and that way.  The cooing of the pair of doves that have a home in the back yard.  The sweet fluted call of the willie wagtail.  If I concentrated, the mild hum of the freeway in the far distance, before the sound of fridge took over.  I allowed each to grab my attention, intermittently.  Alone in the quiet of a big home, I did not feel betrayed, not even a hint of rancour.  I realised how blessed I am for acknowledging I had the strength to go where the journey took me.

‘Till death do us part’, is part of the wedding vows, taken literally and certainly one I was raised with but came to realise, sometimes, one ‘dies’ while still breathing and for some, that’s when the love story comes to an end.  Who ‘dies’ first is irrelevant but having the courage to move on, is.

A colleague recently mentioned, although there is sadness that my marriage ended, I have never spoken about my children’s father, with acrimony.  Perhaps, this is why they have such a good relationship with him.  I would have to agree.  I now see their father through their eyes that have been untainted by mine.  They see him as he is.  Unplugged.  They see the good in him, his humour, and still laugh and groan at his ‘dad jokes’.  I can laugh with them too, his humour, his strength and attraction.  It helps to keep the affection of early years remain warm as embers.  They are careful with their words.  They know he is sensitive, and that this is not always a strength in people.  I observe how they navigate their relationship with him.  They are more skilled at this than I but in those moments when they are less skillful, I step in and set boundaries on what can be said and when.  I do this because I have a deep sense of gratitude towards him, that runs deeper than any disappointment I may feel about what we had, and didn’t.  Together, we had children we are proud of, and it is on this common ground we have made our peace.

I’ve worked hard to practice the philosophy, what is meant to be, will be.  This commitment to healing helps others too.  The most consistent feedback I receive from people, is that I have helped them see things differently.  Baggage checked, they are free to move on.  I know I did and found …

DSCN0300The greenest growth is at the point of pruning.DSCN0998Solitary can be a powerful statement.DSCN1425I no longer look for permanence.  Transience is appealing to me.  What ebbs and flows, like the breath of life, is a gift.  We see this in tides, sometimes shells, sometimes, a forest of boab trees in the sand.  DSCN1347I also know a  boab tree is strong, and will wait like a friend, withstanding tide and time.DSCN1719At my leisure I read sea stories of ancient times, carved in stone.DSCN1705I’ve learned lessons from migratory birds in flight.  And, like them, I now travel light.DSCN1767Cauterised, I now watch the tide soothe ruffled edges, as the pindan cliffs bleed into the sea.DSCN1334My eyes scan roadside for three eyed monsters.  They help reconnect to the child in me.DSCN0647A red eye, is a ruby.DSCN1072A ball of ruffled vivid feathers is gorgeous, but …DSCN1251A single white feather, is peace.

May your Easter be one of renewal and hope.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird