It comes from within …


Despite the frenetic lifestyle, I enjoy moments of peace on a daily basis.  I build these into my day, moments that nurture my spirit and soul.  Being of faith, my instinct is to set aside time to spend in prayer, a communion, a connection, to my Maker.  I don’t ask for anything or express thanks.  I am quiet with a heightened awareness, I am not alone.  It is time when I need to listen, so silence is important.

I listen with attentiveness with all my senses on alert.  It may be to the sound of waves crashing, the crunch of my boots on twigs, the click of my camera, the bounce of the kangaroo in the bush.  I no longer yearn for experiences out of reach.  With camera in hand and laptop before me, I am me no matter where I am.  The authentic me.  In that knowledge, is peace.

I learned years ago there are some experiences I will never experience.  And, I felt the bite of unfairness on more than one occasion.  It took years for me to realise.  Peace comes from within.  If we seek to make peace, we are at peace.  It is a place of rest and recovery.  It is a space where all else falls away, and within that nothingness, is a fullness of spirit that takes up all the space.

So I accept, some things are never meant to be for me.  I may not have found that elusive ‘something special’ that others acquire so effortlessly.  But I have the capacity to experience joy.  And, I make it my mission to seek it every day.

I’m leaving next week headed to the north.  I’m looking forward to wearing less clothes and walking along the beach.  Maybe find a heart again.  Or maybe even someone who wants mine.

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As always

a dawn bird

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In response to RDP – Saturday: Peace

Nature vs Nurture

The concept of self-care was introduced to me about a decade ago.  It is not a self-indulgence.  It is vital for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.  The premise is quite uncomplicated.  If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after others.

I sought to be nurtured in different places and by different people.  The mix was never right and left me wanting to fill the void.  My only regret in life is that it has taken me so long to discover, nature can be a powerful nurturing force in one’s life.

And so my journey began …DSCN9464.jpg
I sought the embrace of tall trees.  IMG_1100.jpg
And in the outback where the wide open spaces and empty places are filled, within me.thumb_IMG_0906_1024.jpg
Usually solitary, there are times I seek footprints left by others.
I neglected this boab bonsai at my peril.  It did not survive.  The warning signs I’ve since heeded, make time, those who nurture me, deserve my nurturing too.0-1.jpg
Best of all … no matter where I am and what I’m doing, just a glimpse of my daughter’s dogs, makes me smile.  Their loyalty and companionship is uncomplicated, with the only complication being in the gaze.  My kind of relationship!

Winter has arrived in Perth with fury.  I returned home last night in a storm.  I’m exhausted from the stress of the flight.  Today, I plan to have a hot stone massage, get a pedicure, do some cooking and then get back to ‘catch up’ work while watching the steady rain outdoors.

I’ve mapped my day and it looks perfect for me.  Wherever you are, may your day be perfect too.  Isolate some time for yourself.  You deserve it.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Thursday : Nurture