The wildflowers are blooming!

It’s about a two hour drive between Geraldton and Morawa through farming country and a drive I always enjoy.  This time, being wildflower season, it was awesome.  It would have been more awesome if I prepared for being covered in pollen and dust.  I was cavalier, “Oh! I’ve never suffered from hayfever!” was my dismissive response.  But I’ve returned home with bigger bags under my eyes than in my hands and feeling totally dehydrated.

This was a bucket list item and worth every discomfort.DSCN7074-2.jpg
We left Geraldton and the vivid, fluoro yellow canola fields behind to enter wildflower country.DSCN7075.jpg
There were acres of yellow, white and pink pom poms, millions of them.DSCN7078.jpg
Egg yolk paper everlastings, too.DSCN7088.jpg
Just carpets of flowers as far as the eye could see.DSCN7105.jpg
These flowers were on shrubs, native, no doubt.DSCN7110.jpg
And entwined around small tree limbs, the gorgeous, delicate, fringed lily.DSCN7118.jpg
I chased this little one from tree to tree.  His call, beautiful and melodic and so strong, for a tiny bird.  My first photograph of a black honey eater.

I’m home for a couple of days resting before another round of travel next week.  And, then, the Murchison region, the Midwest outback.  I’ll heed advice and remember to pack some anti-histamine!

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Advice

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