On one of my previous trips to Geraldton I drove past the foreshore when I saw the new sculpture, Horizon, being put into place.  I caught a glimpse of it through the pulleys, cranes and high vis clothing of workers and knew it promised to be something special.  Of all the dozens of trips I’ve made to Geraldton, how fortuitous the timing.

My first trip post surgery was to Geraldton and I found myself drawn to the art.  Being school holidays, there were holiday makers in town and people taking selfies, most drawn closer to the sphere.  I stood away from it to experience it differently.DSCN8820.jpg
‘Horizon’ is a 1.5 metre globe by artist Lucy Humphrey.  The water within turns the world upside down because of the way the light reflects off it.

There is, of course, the technicality of the idea inherent in this.  But for me, I thought of the water within the sphere as the life within one.  The idea that despite all, if one accesses it as intended, despite distortion, we can find a horizon.  It is there, we just need to pause to let it define itself as a steadying point of reference.DSCN8866.jpg
In the weeks before and after the surgery it did feel like my world had been turned upside down.  Living with palpable fear of the unknown is an unsettling experience.  As I’ve mentioned before I am not church going but I did believe, my faith was my horizon.  It kept me steady.  It gave me perspective.  It gave me pause.  It gave me time to reflect how grateful I am of each moment that make up my day.

May you experience the joy of gratitude today.  The joy in the ordinary that makes life, extraordinary.

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a dawn bird


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