Finding self, among shadows

More often than not, I wake just before dawn.  I make a cup of coffee, open the curtains and wait for shapes to emerge from familiar shadows.  I do this wherever I am.  No two mornings are alike.  That’s the gift of the day.  Start anew.

We were travelling in the outback Midwest and spent the night at Mt Magnet, Western Australia.  We were tired when we got there after a long hard drive and taking in the acres of wildflowers.  It really was overwhelmingly beautiful.

My companion had been to a place called The Granites and wanted to take me there.  We rested briefly and went at sunset.  It was another world.

The Granites is ancient country of great cultural significance to the Badimia people and among the massive granites, one can find ancient rock art.  We didn’t have time to  explore as it is mostly unsealed roads without any signage and after a while every turn looks familiar.  So with one navigating and one driving we left as it got dark.

I held that moment of arrival in the palm of my hand when we got back to the accommodation.  It was still there when I woke early morning.  It was dark and raining.  Such relief!  It was getting warm during the day, even with air con.  I stepped outside as quietly as I could on creaking floors and wriggled with delight at the cool air and rain.  I knew I needed to be at The Granites.  I knew what would emerge from the shadows.  I knew I needed to touch base with ‘self’.DSCN7814.jpg
As sun broke free of the clouds just past the ridge, what struck me was the absolute silence of this grand place.

I was an audience of oneDSCN7810.jpg
As Mother Nature unveiled her artDSCN7809.jpg
The still lifeDSCN7777.jpg
The paintings

It was a gallery wherever one looked.DSCN7797.jpg
In the early light, the granite ridges softenedDSCN7781.jpg
And tree limbs twisted into intricate lace.

Like I said there was absolute silence.  Not a bird call or tweet, not a rustle of goanna, or bounce of kangaroo.

I’m there as I write.

It is possible I brought that moment of arrival back home with me.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Shadows

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