The love of a seagull

In that blip of time
when all stood still
at the edge of uncertainty
I felt a seismic shift
that left me reflecting on where I came from
and where I had been
and in that shattered space
there were no options left
but the watery path before me

In the ebb and flow that followed
the tides rolled in and out
and as they filled the void
I reached deep within and found
this briny water
despite the ferocity of the sun
is powered by the pale moon
with a strength that crushes stone to sand
so child-like I reached for it
I’m here to tell you,
this earth mother, took my hand

But it wasn’t enough
I rebelled again and again
I floated free,
tethered lightly to life and love
when I met a seagull,
just like me

“Reach deeper”, said the seagull
there’s more to memory, than debris
walk on any beach, you’ll find
on each grain of sand
a tome
where life’s script is re-written.

In my youth I grew old by the sea
now I am young in years
I know now what I didn’t know then
life starts where you want it to begin

and when the winds howl
at the edge,
I stand my ground, strong again
with sea for friend,
and the devoted seagull beside me.

a dawn bird

In response to Your Daily Word Prompt – Devote – February 1 2020

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