Spring shower

I’ve just returned after a short break. A mission to find myself, if you like. This morning I woke early and stayed in bed listening to the unmistakable sound of rain pelting outdoors. For a brief moment I was disappointed. I had planned on doing so much and knew the rain meant I have to change my day’s plans. Then I remembered the blessings of a spring shower which I’m sharing with you today as they all fit somewhere in the wide spaces of my heart.

In the Bunbury wetlands, the colour of spring.
The perfection of a bookleaf mallee frond, in the Goldfields.
Masses of Geraldton wax, in the Midwest, growing wild roadside.
To search is to find, in the Aboreteum in Esperance, the wild orchids.
Spider orchid, Esperance, Western Australia.
The globe banksia, a sunset among green foliage in Albany, in the Great Southern.
A banksia, the colour I have not seen before, in Albany.
Paddocks of wildflowers, growing roadside in the Midwest.
Oh! the yellow canola fields of the Midwest.
And a few kms down the highway, the landscape added purple, with Paterson’s curse, a weed.
The most exquisite tiny succulent flowers in a dry creek bed in Meekathara, outback Midwest.

May today’s rain bring you new growth, new life, new opportunities for transforming your life’s landscape, just like Nature does mine.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Thursday – Pelt

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