When stupidity is serious

Social distancing sign at a primary school, Western Australia

As someone who works in clinical settings, it astounds me how quickly children have adapted to the ‘new normal’. Coughing into their elbow comes with ease. Washing hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ three times, is the norm, even in the Ladies Toilet at airports, much to my amusement. Elbow bump is a hug. The chorus, “we are keeping our friends and ourselves safe” is common sense. This sign caught my eye. It doesn’t get any more Australian than this!

Today I read our Government is keeping the West Australian border closed possibly until April. Keeping the border closed seemed to have a lot of support. We are living with relatively less fear than in other parts of the country or world. The threat of a deadly virus has kept us alert and cautious. We are now into spring. Interestingly, I did not hear of anyone getting the flu over the winter. Perhaps the social distancing, wearing of masks in confined places and washing of hands, especially after coming home from the community has made the difference. Common sense that did not rob us of our freedom.

Watching world leaders exhibit such recklessness, one can only channel John McEnroe and say, “You can’t be serious man. You cannot be serious!”.

In response to RDP – Wednesday – Serious

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