Spring has arrived

My home is in a small pocket of the suburb. As you enter the area, a large roundabout that circles a pond, dominates. Circling the pond are poinciana trees that are gorgeous in bloom especially when the white heron perch on branches. The ducks are often here waddling across from the protected wetlands beyond the trees. To be part of this neighbourhood one knows this. We slow down. We urge others to slow down. It is a reflex. This area belongs to the wildlife here. Around spring time we are even slower. This year we were anxious. We hadn’t seen any ducklings. It was the talk of the party the other night. What happened to them this year? Perhaps, snakes had eaten the eggs some reflected. Then yesterday I drove in and saw a couple of children running excitedly towards the pond. I knew there was something to see. I parked my car and walked back.

There she was! Proud mum with seven ducklings in tow and in perfect formation. The leader established poll position.

The sun shimmered on the tiny specks of fluff.

These two were inseparable.

I listened to the laughter of the children, and through the prism of their smiles, we watched the arrival of new life.

May you be energised by new life where ever you may be.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Prism

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