Autumn Song

This is my first contribution to Fandango’s Friday Flashback.  I like the idea of going back and reflecting on what one has written.

Being a leap year this year, tomorrow is the last day of summer.

It will be autumn on the 1st of March in the Southern Hemisphere.  Last year I wrote this poem in anticipation of it.

Autumn Song

It was summer twenty four hours ago
my skin is still burnished brown
the dawn sun ignites a signal lamp
and spells in code,
slow down.

My girth is too wide for embrace
but where my wisdom is kept
I am matriarch
alive among sapling and dead wood
I am old, as I am young again

Come closer, yes, closer
lean in
hear my autumn song.

a dawn bird


In response to Fandango’s Friday Flashback – February 28