Going with the ‘flow’ …

I’ve been doing some reading on the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who espoused the psychological theory of ‘flow’.  Much like mindfulness, flow is about being fully present in the moment.  It appeals to me more than mindfulness.  Flow is about generating a spark.  It ignites.  In a moment of inaction, it generates movement, it is fluid.  One becomes all.  All becomes one.  All falls away.  There is no ego in that moment.

Photography does this for me.DSCN7349.jpg
I need moments like this every day.  To me, they are as vital as breath.DSCN7373.jpg
I need big skies over me.  I am humbled and in awe of this.DSCN7367.jpg
To be one with this leaves me wordless.DSCN7377.jpg
There are times I am so still, I forget to exhale.

The best part is when what I’m experiencing in the moment, is visible to someone else who has seen it many times but never experienced it.  It is a moment of intimacy, like no other.  It ignites.

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a dawn bird

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