When white is warm …

Climatically white is often associated with snow.  In the Southern Hemisphere, white is synonymous with the beach and clouds.  I’ve added flora and fauna as well.  This is a long scroll!
DSCN7593-2.jpgShell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australiathumb_DSCN5349_1024-2.jpg
Sea wave at the shore, Jurien Bay, Western Australiathumb_DSCN8990_1024-2.jpg
White kite, Binningup, Western Australia
Christmas angel, Christmas 2020thumb_IMG_2731_1024-2.jpg
Framed in sand, Western Australiathumb_IMG_5350_1024-2.jpg
Iceberg rose, my front garden, Western Australiathumb_IMG_5832_1024-2.jpg
Snow drops at my front door, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0954_1024.jpg
Fire whirlwind and summer clouds, East Kimberley outback, Western Australiathumb_IMG_1581_1024.jpg
Cabbage white butterfly … destructive and beautiful.    Pilbara region, Western Australia

Ah! such memories of places and experiences.

Until next time

a dawn bird

In response to Word Photo Challenge:  White

White magic

I’m in the throes of planning my new garden.  It’s an exciting time.  Today’s prompt took me back to my previous home that had a back garden in two levels.  The upper level had a hedge of 14 white ice berg roses that bloomed incessantly.  I planted white flowers in flower beds and pots too.  It was magical.  It looked like it snowed in summer.

I love white linen tops (last count, 17).  I’ll say no more!

So out of my wardrobe and into Nature …DSCN7607.jpgI wanted to visit Shell Beach up in Shark Bay some day.  I was there to see white shells.  I did.  Trillions of them.DSCN8885.jpgI love photographing seagulls, perhaps because of my love for the book ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’.  They remind me, I was given wings of freedom.  So I chart my own course and fly.DSCN8629I also love the white wave that brings a poised surfer to shore.DSCN8276The white sundew in spring.DSCN9978A beautiful pest, the arum lily, blooms in the hundreds, roadside in Busselton in the south west.DSCN9406The exquisite white boab flower that blooms up in the Kimberley.DSCN9021 The snowdrops that bloom at my front door, around the anniversary of my father’s passing.DSCN6810Then there are the roses in my garden.  Some pure white.DSCN9729Others, tinged with pink.DSCN2429.jpgAnd then there are those that appear against the white picket fence.  They are the first thing I see when I return from trips.  They say “Welcome home”.

Hope where ever you are, there’s some white magic in your life.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird