When white is warm …

Climatically white is often associated with snow.  In the Southern Hemisphere, white is synonymous with the beach and clouds.  I’ve added flora and fauna as well.  This is a long scroll!
DSCN7593-2.jpgShell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australiathumb_DSCN5349_1024-2.jpg
Sea wave at the shore, Jurien Bay, Western Australiathumb_DSCN8990_1024-2.jpg
White kite, Binningup, Western Australia
Christmas angel, Christmas 2020thumb_IMG_2731_1024-2.jpg
Framed in sand, Western Australiathumb_IMG_5350_1024-2.jpg
Iceberg rose, my front garden, Western Australiathumb_IMG_5832_1024-2.jpg
Snow drops at my front door, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0954_1024.jpg
Fire whirlwind and summer clouds, East Kimberley outback, Western Australiathumb_IMG_1581_1024.jpg
Cabbage white butterfly … destructive and beautiful.    Pilbara region, Western Australia

Ah! such memories of places and experiences.

Until next time

a dawn bird

In response to Word Photo Challenge:  White

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