As the fires burn, breathe easy …

Carlton Ridge, Kununurra, Western Australia (aka The Sleeping Buddha or Elephant Rock, depending on the vantage).

Breathe easy
the industry pundits were right all along
the economy is booming
there’s more where this came from
the scientists got it wrong
after all, nature is forgiving.  Nature heals itself.

Breathe easy
This is a natural cycle
The destruction, the change
It’s happened before
And will happen again

You see, we are The Believers
this is our God given right
we are The Chosen Ones
Breathe easy
we can do whatever we like

The forests are on fire!
Scorched earth all around!
You say, it’s click bait
your entitled tongue speaks Aussie vernacular
Yeah nah, breathe easy
She’ll be right, mate.

Breathe easy
you were in my thoughts and prayers
while I was away, the country burned
I returned eventually to shake your hand
it was the least I did for you

The truth is obvious
there is no elephant in the room
in a democracy, where every vote counts
at the ballot box we will breathe easy
as we end the lunacy of false prosperity.

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Friday – Breathe

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