Wildflowers in the Midwest

I flew into Geraldton (some 400+ km north of Perth) late evening the other week.  I got into the hire car and took the highway into town.  I drove mindlessly, like I was home and realised, it has become another home for me.

I love Geraldton for lots of reasons.  When I have time between work and flights, I spend my time in a small restaurant that overlooks the marina because the airport only opens when there is a flight.  The restaurant staff know me well now and take me to my favourite table without me requesting it.  They chat to me with familiarity that I enjoy.  I am no longer a stranger there.  I also love a couple of shops where I invariably end up buying clothes or accessories.  And, I love my walk through town and back again.  This is what Geraldton means to me.

This trip I had to drive about two hours east of Geraldton, through wildflower country.  It was magical.  Long solitary drives on back roads flanked by flowers.  It uplifted my spirit and I was in my zone!DSCN9683.jpg
The purple flannel flowers with their soft grey foliage were scattered about in the thousands.DSCN9636.jpg
There were carpets of tiny yellow paper everlastings.DSCN9720.jpg
There were a few of these bushes, a type of hakea, I think.DSCN9715
Oh! those glorious skies and towering flowering trees filled with birdsong.DSCN9725.jpg
These were low growing bushes, blooming, km after km.DSCN9750.jpg
And these beautiful flowers that looked ordinary from afar but each flower within the flower, was so perfect.DSCN9753.jpg
There were literally millions of everlastings as far as the eye could see.  I didn’t have my hiking boots and didn’t want to risk walking in the grass in an isolated place.  We are coming up to snake season!

It’s difficult to describe to others what is means to be ‘in the zone’.  I’m so lucky I get to experience it where ever I am in this large State.  I’ve got trips coming up to the north and then south west next month and looking forward to seeing more flowers on my travels.  I know the wild orchids are blooming in the south west Wheatbelt and no doubt in the Bunbury area too.  I can’t wait to find them!

I’ve been home all week mostly running around for medical appointments.  I’m headed out again over the weekend and although I’ve enjoyed my time at home with loved ones and family, it will be nice to be back doing what I love to do.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Zone