Life is a playground … or prison

My frequent travel draws interest.  And, not always in a good way.  For me, it only brings to the fore what I know to be true.  A business person who travels frequently is working too hard but airline crew are doing a job.  It is all about perception.

I’ve learned over time, it is not what you say, but how you say it that makes a difference.  The art and science inherent in all human interactions is a craft, including the self-talk we generate for ourselves.

At one time my visits to Kalgoorlie were visits related to work.  Although I am always busy here, staff respect my need for ‘down time’ and I get a whole hour for lunch!  There’s more to see and experience in his historic town.  I’ve grown to anticipate my trips here.

In this harsh mining town I find the colour pink in the most unexpected places.


Softness in the prickly scrub.


I’ve found gold does not always glitter.


Nor is it always buried in the ground.


And, when you find it, it makes you smile wider than a novice prospector.


Enjoying what you do in life takes shape in perception.  It depends which side of the thin line you see yourself standing.


You are either in a playground.  Or a prison.  The line is always there.  So is choice.

I’m off to play.

Until next time,

As always

a dawn bird







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