Yellow, the colour of welcome

Yellow ribbons are symbols of ‘welcome home’ and I find it interesting as autumn becomes spring, yellow is the first colour you see in the West Australian bush.  On my bush walks in Esperance and Narrogin I felt this deep sense of being welcomed back where I am always happy.  Spring brings hope of new life.  On wet gloomy days there were splashes of brilliant yellow to liven the landscape.  The wild orchids have arrived early too.  They are tiny and exquisite.  And, then … my first glimpse of a Western Golden Whistler who was singing his little heart out.  DSCN9532DSCN9512DSCN9390DSCN9367DSCN9524.jpgDSCN9405.jpgDSCN9264.jpg
These were some of my happy moments in the past month and I’m happy to share them with you.

As always

a dawn bird

In response to A Photo A Week Challenge – Yellow

10 thoughts on “Yellow, the colour of welcome”

    1. I thought of you so much in the midwest where the flowers are blooming by the millions. In the south the tiny fairy orchids are out and I’ll post more pics in a day or two. That orchid is a donkey orchid.

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