Hear me roar …


I admit I’m not a cat lover but I find my son’s cat, Baelfire (known as Bae), fascinating.  (This picture was taken by my son).  Bae has interesting colouring.  His face is split in dark and white colours of black, white and brown.  I think it is magnificent!

There’s something about cats!  My son had given me a book a while back to loan to parents I worked with called ‘All Cats have Asperger’s’.  I’m not sure if the title of the book is accurate.  People with Asperger’s have a desire to connect with others, they often struggle to work out how this is done.  I feel a title like “All Cats are Royalty” would be more appropriate.

Cats can be aloof and can interact on their terms.  Anyone with a cat will tell you, they rule the house.  They come and go as they please.  They act entitled.  My friend had a cat once who went next door to live permanently because the neighbour gave the cat better quality cat food (or so my friend thought!).  Whatever the reason, the cat acted like everyone should be grateful for its absence or presence.  It would visit both houses, great big meow (read roar) and then step out, tail held high.  Yes, royalty, king of the jungle.

As my son and his wife have three cats, I admit to enjoying their company a little bit more and probably because my son wants to share their antics with me.  I see them differently and find myself smiling at them. Or maybe I’m becoming a softie.

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a dawn bird

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Imagination, that wondrous space


She has a boy’s name and doesn’t care.


The name means bonfire.  The name is apt.   Not that she responds to it, but we call her Bae.  She is one of three cats that identify my son and his fiancee as their owners and allow the young adults to share the townhouse with them.  With apologies to cat lovers, I’m not one of them.  But, when I visit their home, she fires up my imagination.

I’ve come to see Bae differently.  Previously I would be derogatory and say, “Whoever coined the phrase, curiosity killed the cat, were not talking about this one!”

I’ve come to realise …

Bae was a writer in a another life.  Her curiosity is observing other people’s curiosity.  She is solitary when she works.  And when she stops, she sends a message.

Those moments of freeze frame are moments of connection.

Much like a post.

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a dawn bird

Cat, with attitude


This is Killian.

Aptly named, one of the meanings of the name is fierce.  No pouting mouth.  No sideways glance.  He knows there is no such thing as his better side.  Nor is there, a better angle.  He stares a camera down.

With apologies to cat lovers, I’m not one of them.  Killian does not belong to me.  Nor does he belong to my son and his fiancee.  They belong to him.

My son’s fiancee loves animals.  Soon my son discovered he loves their two cats.

Then Killian joined them as a house guest while his owner was away for a few days.  When he returned, Killian decided he had found a new home.

That was two years ago.

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a dawn bird