A world of imagination, my hope


Some people experience feelings of depression in winter.  My experience is different.  I don’t experience depression but I do feel a bit pensive towards the end of the year.

This year is no different.  A few hours ago I needed something to lift my spirit.  The picture above did this.  It was taken at Gantheaume Point in Broome some years ago.  It is one of my favourite pictures.  I felt good looking at the photograph but it wasn’t enough.  I went looking for books and found one by Robert Fulghum, one of my favourite authors, on the book shelf.  Gosh!  when did I last go into my front study?  Being home for a few days makes me feel like I’m walking through a haunted house.

I’d like to share one of Robert Fulghum’s quotes with you.

“Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon. A happiness weapon. A beauty bomb. And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one. It would explode high in the air – explode softly – and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air. Floating down to earth – boxes of Crayolas. And we wouldn’t go cheap, either – not little boxes of eight. Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in. With silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest. And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination.”

It is joyous and always brings a smile on my face.  My wish for you today is that it offers you the same experience.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

Imagination, that wondrous space


She has a boy’s name and doesn’t care.


The name means bonfire.  The name is apt.   Not that she responds to it, but we call her Bae.  She is one of three cats that identify my son and his fiancee as their owners and allow the young adults to share the townhouse with them.  With apologies to cat lovers, I’m not one of them.  But, when I visit their home, she fires up my imagination.

I’ve come to see Bae differently.  Previously I would be derogatory and say, “Whoever coined the phrase, curiosity killed the cat, were not talking about this one!”

I’ve come to realise …

Bae was a writer in a another life.  Her curiosity is observing other people’s curiosity.  She is solitary when she works.  And when she stops, she sends a message.

Those moments of freeze frame are moments of connection.

Much like a post.

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As always

a dawn bird

The little girl in me …

via Daily Prompt: Imagination

The little girl in me had a simple but seemingly impossible dream. She wanted to travel the world.

She visited countries, now most of them have been marked off the bucket list.  She walked through gardens and museums, rich in history.  She shopped for things that had value in the moment and discarded them long ago, without regret.

Yes, she travelled the world, but she had an insatiable yearning … she hadn’t seen anything as yet.

The realisation was a powerful catalyst.  She wanted more than the eye could see.  So she cast aside shackles and started to experience, free.

DSCN0335.jpgShe saw colours more vibrant

DSCN4181.jpgthan any painting in a gallery.

DSCN4446.jpgAnd when colours were muted

DSCN3953.jpgshe found, they still told a story.

DSCN4776.jpgShe searched for the Cape Barren Geese, at every trip to Esperance and found the giant bird, doing the impossible.  Looking elegant.

DSCN4608.jpgHer eyes held a joey’s gaze while it snuggled deep within the mother’s pouch.  It was something she only read about.

DSCN2874.jpgShe walked with waders until they found the perfect palette for her to capture the moment.

DSCN4965.jpgShe delighted in the ice cream pink wave of flowers, she found one day, in spring.

Yes, that little girl had dreams.

But, never in her wildest imagination did she think, Nature could generate this powerful synergy.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird